Update: Pushing Forward

I have muse again, slightly and so I am going to try to push forward. I was thinking of running away because of other things but decided to stay and be myself. I don’t need anyone telling me differently on how I can be online or off. I just need to be me and accept the faults of myself.

Also as far as my writing goes I can just try at the least. I’ll be concentrating mostly on my love of poetry and maybe some flash fiction if I feel up to it but I want to work on my confidence again. I’m also on the side going to work on fanfiction on other sites. after all, my favorite forms of writing are poetry and fanfiction and I thought if I work on my favorites and not put pressure on going above and beyond just yet, maybe I’ll return to being able to write.

I think the problem is I’m my own worse critic and I can’t believe in myself enough. But this time is going to be different. Even if someone hates my work I am still going to push through. Not everyone will like my style nor will they appreciate what I do, but in a way we are all kind of writing for ourselves and not just for others. In fact I think I did state this was a personal blog.

I thank those that supported me in the first light of my blog and I am going to continue it before I try to give the blog a short, very short life. Thank you so much to everyone who liked my poems so far, I hope you enjoy upcoming written work!

If not well, I know everyone has different tastes.


Update: Blocked Muse

I currently have no muse to write. I am sure some of it is due to the surgery and recovering while the rest is due to real life. So I’m just going to take a small break from trying to force myself to write when I have no desire to. I’ll be doing other things to try and bring back muse but right now I’m just going to concentrate  on myself and healing.

I apologize but it just happens. I am hoping once I hear from the doctor how I’m doing I’ll feel more at ease and when stuff happens from real life that takes a slow turn maybe I’ll get muse. I’m hoping to get more muse later on or at least before school starts because sometimes school is a muse block for me as well.

Once again I am sorry about this but I hope by next week or in two weeks time I can write something.

Golden Sun

Golden sun shines through the sky
Like a discus floating through the air
Never stopping once to stare
While the whole time passing by.

The clouds are clear as blue
With curling wisps of  white
Moving by the earth so bright
And never going to loose.

While the moon may come
When the night falls over
It folds out like clover
And yet it comes undone

For the sun is forever gold
Without a moment to lose
Or a heart to quick to vamoose
But the warmth forever to behold.

Happiness is Yours

Don’t fret over the road that hasn’t been walked
Your feet create the road that is before you
So go wherever you like and not where You
Think you have to follow in the end.

Life should be for one’s own enjoyment
Not the task of pleasing everyone else,
Taking into consideration that happiness
Is not given but made by the person at hand.

No one can give happiness, but help it
However, it takes the courage of the heart
To create one’s own Happiness if they desire
For if the person doesn’t have to accept it.

If that is the case the enjoy your own life
Find your own Happiness to let it shine
Out into the darkest of days and dull hours
For life happens only once.


I am sorry nothing has been posted here but I am recovering slowly from surgery I’ve had. It seems that I can sit up and use the computer but not too frequently. However, I have been enjoying my rest and will continue o rest as sees fit. But I should be fine by the end of next week unless something goes wrong.

I am a poet first, and a writer second when it comes to the types of work I write. However, that does not mean this place is strictly for poetry. I understand poetry is easier to read but I am not going to write novels here. if I do that, that will be for another blog if I make it. I won’t yet as I have no confidence in prose and that is why I am starting small.

But I hope you enjoy this blog despite it being personal, I welcome comments and criticism, not harsh criticism because there I no need. if you feel I need to improve on something it’s best to tell me politely.

Also if you have a blog to share let me know, I am always happy to read the work of others as I find it inspiring to read what other’s have written.

I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to my work. Have a wonderful day!
~Bookish Soul

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