I am sorry nothing has been posted here but I am recovering slowly from surgery I’ve had. It seems that I can sit up and use the computer but not too frequently. However, I have been enjoying my rest and will continue o rest as sees fit. But I should be fine by the end of next week unless something goes wrong.

I am a poet first, and a writer second when it comes to the types of work I write. However, that does not mean this place is strictly for poetry. I understand poetry is easier to read but I am not going to write novels here. if I do that, that will be for another blog if I make it. I won’t yet as I have no confidence in prose and that is why I am starting small.

But I hope you enjoy this blog despite it being personal, I welcome comments and criticism, not harsh criticism because there I no need. if you feel I need to improve on something it’s best to tell me politely.

Also if you have a blog to share let me know, I am always happy to read the work of others as I find it inspiring to read what other’s have written.

I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to my work. Have a wonderful day!
~Bookish Soul

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